What We’re Doing: Retreat Schedule

We used to fantasize about creating a retreat that was both soul-stirring and results-oriented. There were plenty of spiritual retreats, and plenty more leadership conferences…but nothing that beautifully blended the two, guiding smart and soulful women to tap into their sacred connections and professional intentions. Now there is…

Sugar Lake Lodge Leadership Center
Leadership Center at Sugar Lake

Friday, Sept. 23rd

The Rock Your World Retreat begins at noon with guest room check-in and a kick-off lunch.

We’ll spend the afternoon and evening reviewing your paths, unwrapping your fears and challenges, and lifting one another to a new level of possibility and potential. Circled around the fire, we’ll end our first day with a powerful releasing ceremony that creates a new sisterhood, frees you from fear and makes way for new dreams to take shape. We’ll cover so much ground in our first day, you’ll be amazed!


Leadership Center at Sugar Lake

Saturday, Sept. 24th

Sleep-in, take a walk or welcome the day with morning yoga (provided exclusively to our group) and a beautiful breakfast buffet. By the time 9am rolls around, you’ll be so ready to dive in deep and truly rock your world! This day is jam-packed with enriching, eye-opening instruction, group work, and solo exploration from future mapping to guided meditation to angelic guidance. You will realize just how brave you are, you will see your dreams come into focus, and you will bond with kindreds who have your back.

In the evening, we’ll wind down with a delicious sit-down dinner in our private dining room overlooking Sugar Lake. It’s our intention that you head to bed feeling full in every way.


Leadership Center at Sugar Lake

Sunday, Sept. 25th (retreat ends at 1pm)

On this powerful final day, you’ll collaborate with new-found soul sisters and consult with Liv & Michelle to define your bright future. You will craft crystal-clear intentions, reveal your next steps with dazzling confidence, receive constructive feedback, and activate undeniable momentum. We will laugh (and probably cry!) during a celebration lunch before sending you off into your rock star life.

And don’t worry! Following the retreat, there will be opportunities to connect with and lean on the circle of inspiring, insightful confidants you’ve come to know and love.



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